Calling all West Coast Swing Dancers!


Robert Cordoba is our swing host and will oversee our WSDC Jack & Jills held Saturday 8/5!
Plan for pre-lims in the late afternoon followed by finals in the evening.


We have lots of great West Coast Swing workshops planned!

Check Out All of Our Great Workshops Here!


Lots of social dancing Friday and Saturday nights with a WCS specific room!
Tons of workshops during the day in West Coast, Country, & Ballroom.

REGISTRATION:  We ask you to sign up on line so we don’t have lines at registration and we begin the contest promptly.

Friday Night Social West Coast Swing: All you need is a Friday evening pass
Jack & Jill Competitors: You only need a Saturday evening pass plus your Jack and Jill fee! But we encourage you to come for the whole weekend and enjoy all of the great workshops and social dances. 

Also check out our weekend passes to enjoy great workshops and cross over to our other genres!

**Note: The West Coast Swing Jack & Jill will be run using World Swing Dance Council rules and regulations.

Registration Information Available Here:


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The New England Dance Festival understands that everyone has different views regarding Covid-19 policies at dance events. We respect these differences and know it is impossible to make everyone happy. Masks are optional but encouraged if you will be more comfortable while at the event. As a precaution we also encourage you to test before coming to the event.