New England Dance Festival
“Thank you Kathy and Randy for a wonderful event. My friends and I had a ball in all 3 rooms. Everything ran smooth. Thanks for the hard work and I’ll see you next year.”
Luisa Pereira
“What a weekend. It was so classy, organized, on time filled with lots of “fun” dancing as well as great competition”
“What a Great event again this year. Kathy and Randy you did it again! The New England Dance Festival was absolutely AWESOME!”
“Another amazing New England Dance Festival hosted by Kathy St Jean and Randy Deats!! Thank you for another wonderful weekend, and looking forward to next year!!”
“Back from the NE Dance festival . Simple stated – Outstanding! Thank you Kathy St Jean and Randy, all of the Dancing Feeling staff and all of the teachers and performers who came to share their love of dancing with all of us!”
“Had a blast at the New England Dance Festival this past weekend. I loved the variety of dances. Thank you Kathy St Jean, Randy Deats, all the staff, and attendees for making it a fabulous weekend!!! I’m still basking in the afterglow and recovering from all the miles I put in on the dance floor.”
“Awesome weekend at New England Dance Festival! This was my first time at this event and dancing in the Northeast!!! Thank you for allowing me to have opportunities, Kathy St Jean and Randy.”