Ballroom, Country, Swing, Dale and Anita Strawser, Staff

Dale Strawser and Anita Huffman-Strawser began social dancing in 1993, became amateur dance competitors in 1994, and eventually part-time dance instructors in the Northern Virginia area. They co-own MidAtlantic Dance Classic an annual UCWDC weekend dance event in Baltimore, Maryland with competitions, workshops, social dancing, and a show featuring professional dance performances from a variety of dance genres.

Dale & Anita have won numerous dance competitions in a variety of dance styles, including the UCWDC World Title for Classic Couples Diamond Division I in Stockholm, Sweden, and currently compete at the advanced Crown level.

They are members of the National Dance Council of America (“Ballroom” dance styles) and the United Country Western Dance Council (“Country” dance styles), and are certified UCWDC judges. They teach, choreograph routines, and dance Pro-Am with amateur students in competitions, while also competing at the Pro-Pro level. They offer private dance instruction from their studio, Danzn4fun, located in Fairfax, Virginia.