Past examples of invited Dance Instructors and Judges, stay tuned for updates for 2022!

We have a fantastic staff that will help you have a great time!

Bill Cameron and Yuna Davtyan Headshot

Bill Cameron and Yuna Davtyan: Massachusetts

Rachel Champion: Tennessee 

Marc Davidson and Sylvie Raymond: Canada


Country, Swing, Ballroom, Dancing, Rowdy DeFrene, Staff

Rowdy Dufrene: Texas

Beth Emerson: Oklahoma

Dean Garrish, Headshot

Dean Garrish: Maryland

Chad Graber: Texas

Sloane Hansen & Bernadette Carmichael : Texas

Christy Kam

Christy Kam: Pennsylvania 

Lee & Marcy Harpe: Oklahoma

Bradley Mather & Lilia Weisfeldt: Massachusetts

Helen Mathews: Alabama

Country, Ballroom, Swing, NEDF, New England Dance Festival, Staff

Richard McMurrich: New York

Ballroom, Country, Line, UCWDC, WSDC, Rachael Capodanno, Staff

Rachael Mooney: Rhode Island

Country, Ballroom, Swing, Josh Morgenstein, Staff

Josh Morgenstein: Rhode Island

Christopher Muise & Amanda Clark: Massachusetts

Country, Swing, Ballroom, MA, Dance, Dancing, Staff, Kristie Mullins

Kristie Mullins: Massachusetts

JP Oster

JP Oster: Canada

New England Dance Festival, Antoinette Santoro

Antoinette Santoro: North Carolina

Anthony Scalzi: Rhode Island

John and Dee Soares

John and Dee Soares: Rhode Island

Ballroom, Country, Swing, Dale and Anita Strawser, Staff

Dale Strawser and Anita Huffman-Strawser: Virginia


Greg & Laura Thrash: Texas


Sherry Tovell: Canada

Mike Wagner & Satu Ketellapper : Florida & The Neatherlands

Swing, Country, Ballroom, Instructors & Judges, Wetzels

Sam Wetzel: Pennsylvania