You are about to enjoy a non-stop weekend of dance.  Cross over between Country, West Coast Swing and Ballroom.  Here is how to enjoy!

Social Dancers             Competitive Dancers    Spectators


Social Dancers:

  • If you want to enjoy the entire weekend, unlimited non-stop workshops, watch the competitions and dance ’till the wee hours of the morning then a Gold Pass is right for you (best value).
  • If you want to enjoy the entire weekend, however only want to take a few workshops and enjoy watching the competitions then the Silver Pass is right for you (you can buy workshop passes for $8 per class).
  • If you want to enjoy a particular day of the event please see our Day or Evening passes.
  • If you only want to social dance then a Dance Only Pass is right for you. (Please see admission times as they will vary from room to room).

Competitive Dancers:

  • We offer  UCWDC World Qualifying Country Competition (dance with your teacher or your partner)!           Note: Ballroom dancers:  East Coast, Cha Cha, West Coast, Continuity Styling Waltz are the same in Country competitions.  Call for details if interested 401-736-0110.  We can help you to see if you would enjoy this.  Click to Rules on the UCWDC website.  All UCWDC competitors must have a Silver or Gold Pass.
  • WSDC (West Coast Swing)  Jack and Jill Competition.  A Jack and Jill competition is where you sign up to compete and you find out who your partner is right before you dance!  Please see WSDC rules to learn more about this competition.  West Coast Competitors please see the Registration form to be sure you obtain the correct pass.
  • Just For Fun Jack and Jill Competition: exactly as it sounds! It is just for fun! We have both Two Step Jack and West Coast Swing Jack and Jill’s to choose from. Sign up for your skill level. This competition is open to all and is not affiliated with the UCWDC or WSDC. Registration available only at time of competition – only cash is accepted on the competition floor. 


  • Just want to come and watch the entire weekend?  Then a Silver Pass is right for you!  You have admittance to all events except workshops.
  • Just coming to see a family member or friend dance?  Then choose the session they are dancing in and buy a Spectator Pass that allows you entry for just that competition session.
  • Just want to come for a day or evening?  Check out the day or evening passes.

Check out our Just For Fun competitions! Totally social, totally fun, and on the fly!

Got Questions?
Contact Kathy St. Jean at 401-736-0110 or