Which pass is right for me?

If you are coming to Dance, Take Workshops and Watch Competitions:

Gold Pass
YOUR BEST VALUE! If you are planning to attend the entire weekend and want to take part in all activities whether it be country, swing or ballroom dance this is the best pass for you. You can jump in to any workshop, watch any competition, enjoy our Saturday evening show and dance plus dance every night until you are exhausted!

Silver Pass
This pass is for the dancer who wants to watch all competitions attend all dances but does not want to take workshops. Or you may just want to take one or two workshops. (You may buy workshops tickets for $8.00 per class). The difference between the Silver and Gold Pass is the inclusion of the workshops.

Junior Pass
This pass is for our youth and teen dancers. It includes all dances and competitions. It does not include workshops. Workshops can be purchased separately (workshops tickets for $8.00 per class).

Day Pass
A day pass allows you to attend all workshops, dances and competitions for the day you purchase the pass.

Saturday Workshop Pass
Includes entrance to all Saturday Workshops (From 10am-5pm)

Spectator Pass
Allows entrance to watch a specific day of UCWDC Competitions (excludes Masters).
Note: Spectator Pass is sold per competition day.
Not available for WSDC competitions.

Evening Pass
Saturday Evening Dance Pass has you enjoying our Show and Master Performances and all evening dances.

Dance Pass
Provides admission into evening dances. Please note: please check schedule for entrance times (rooms may vary). Friday and Saturday dance passes are available.


All Adult UCWDC competitors
You must have a Gold or Silver Pass in order to compete.

All Junior UCWDC competitors
You must have a Junior Pass.

All WSDC competitors
You must have one of the following in order to compete: Gold, Silver or Saturday Evening Pass (not to be confused with the Saturday dance admission fee).

All Strictly Swing and Hustle competitors
You must have a Gold or Silver Pass or Friday Night dance admission.

Pro/Am Swing and Hustle
You must have a Gold or Silver Pass or Saturday Evening Pass (this event is held late Saturday afternoon).

Just for Fun Jack & Jill’s
You must have a Gold, Silver or specific Day Pass to compete.

Got Questions?
Contact Kathy St. Jean at 401-736-0110 or
email kathy@nedancefestival.com